Get To Know Horse Racing Through The Different Types of Races


Every horse racing enthusiast should know the different types of races, their requirements, and their implications for the horses that participate in them. Surprised that there is more than one type of horse race? Then read on.

Whenever horse racing becomes the topic of conversation, people usually only think of one thing, and that is the thoroughbred. But contrary to the misconception, there are other types of horse racing, such as trot racing and steeplechasing. Incidentally, the thoroughbred is the most popular! In fact, the Kentucky Derby is known as the most exciting two minutes in the sports world.

The famous Kentucky Derby

The Kentucky Derby is just one part of a three-part Grand Slam horse race: The Triple Crown. Imagine the excitement the whole race has to offer. It’s three times the fun and adrenaline! The Kentucky Derby, plus the Preakness and the Belmont Stakes, round out the acclaimed Triple Crown award. To this day, there are only 11 known horses that have achieved such a prestigious award.

For the record, the highest level of competition for horse racing is the ring races. This type of race is reserved for the best horses, and even then, there is a mandatory registration for each horse. The money raised will be added to the prize pool. When a ring race is a graded race, it has a certain class appeal.

Other types of horse racing and their criteria

Horses must meet certain criteria before they are allowed to race. A race may require additional weight requirements for better horses. This type of race is called a handicap race. The added weight is dependent on the horses’ past performance.

Other breeds sometimes require the horse to be a “non-winner of three”. This is called an “allowance race.” Horses that participate in this type of race are usually chosen to be prepared for better races. Usually, these horses compete in handicap and ring races.

Another type of dog, and probably the most common, is the claiming breed. A claim race can also be “optional.” Before the race, owners will be asked to give an amount that can be used to buy or claim the Thoroughbred.

Rest assured that the race field will be levelled by this requirement. Obviously, owners will not list better horses in a claiming race. This type of race can be a good place to expose or train your weaker horses. Who knows? They may just need a little training to become a champion. Make sure you are ready to part with your horse.

If you don’t want to part with your horses and put them in a race to see how they perform or to familiarise them with competitive races, a maiden race is the best way to do this. This type of race is limited to horses with no record of wins. The winner of the race is said to have “broken his virginity”.

When to watch which race?

Race tracks usually hold eight or more races a day, combining all of the above races. It doesn’t matter what type of race you watch or whether you win or not. In the end, you will still experience the fiery excitement that keeps horse racing enthusiasts coming back for seconds. Apart from this checkout Tips for Mountain Bike Racing.

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